Petrol & NZS – Behind the Scenes

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Petrol Energy commercial is the first promotional video featuring the biggest stars of Slovenian football team. This emotionally packed video was a unique project for both, the production and for actors themselves. Coordination between the team, standbys, children, the film crew and all those who participated in the project requiring extensive control. The organization of the sets was a huge challenge, because it required precise measured shooting time and demanded extended pre-production, as football players were available for only a limited time to us as they had to be prepared for the qualification for EURO18.

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Petrol – Coffe To Go

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Shooting the Petrol commercial was a whirlwind three-day adventure, kicking off each day at the break of dawn and sprinting through neighborhoods, all leading up to the grand finale at a Petrol Coffee machine.

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IBC 2015 – Amsterdam

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Attracting over 55,000 attendees from more than 170 different countries, IBC’s annual Conference and Exhibition provide a uniquely rich experience; connecting, enthusing, inspiring and informing the professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of content worldwide.

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Petrol Q Max behind the scenes

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Take a sneak peak behind the making of Petrol’s Q MAX TV spot. Petrol’s premium Q Max fuel is a Symphony between maximum power, maximum efficiency and maximum durability.

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Debitel – Behind the scenes

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Alive Step Up Behind the scenes

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From the basic concept to the story and then to the production shoot. The idea was to make a one-minute promo for sport event called “Alive Step UP” where the contestants run to the top of the building – the tallest one in Slovenia.

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Reality show – Gospodinje Pojejo

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In these modern times, we are faced with a flood of reality shows. Society, showing by the media, is increasingly complex, so does the need to find a clear picture, clear answers and reality is what viewers are missing.

Therefore, QuArt Studio had to deal with the difficult task. We created identity graphics and advertising campaign for new reality TV show called Gospodinje Pojejo (Housewives Singing), were can housewives of all ages show their singing skills.

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The evolution of 3D

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3D animation has been in movies and computer games since the 1970s. The initial techniques were simplistic and were only featured for certain aspects such as the space back grounds and special effects in “Star Wars”. Since the graphics used in 3D animation are computer generated the technology followed the advances in computer software. After the release of the Apple Macintosh personal computer, programs such as 3D Studio Max made it even easier to put motion graphics into films and computer games. As the 1980s progressed, computer generated graphics and animations became a staple in most commercial media.

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Building Eco-friendly 3d scene

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So whether you want to cool down Mother Earth, recycle plastic products or save drinking water, we are here to do it with you. Manufacturers and the world’s best designers are working together and producing healthy, stylish and carbon dioxide free products.

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Inside Coocoo Clock – Animated intro

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Here are some making of renders for new animation intro we’ve done for new TV show with a clear and direct name “ob 10h” (At 10 O’clock) that will be aired, yes… you guest it… every morning at 10 o’clock.

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