Fructal bottles packshots

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Fructal Natura is a fruit, vegetable and fruit-vegetable natural juices, which have 100% fruit, vegetable or vegetable-fruit content and contain no additives. They have no added sugar and contain only naturally sugars, present in vegetables or in fruits itself.

Bio light idea

Our client, Fi production, asked us to create two second packshot of all four bottles of Fructal Natura drinks. Because the juice contain no additives and no added sugar, it represent light and mild drink for all health informed consumers, who understand the importance of a healthy diet, vegetarians and people with health problems. To create the effect of lightness, we decided that we can illustrated that by floating bottles.


3d modeling, texturing and animation was made with 3ds max. For the render we use MentalRay and Adobe After Effects for post-production and coloring.