3d Music Box animated intro breakdown – Golica v živo

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The animation was prepared for the weekly TV show Golica v Živo, taking place live in the studio of Golica TV and in which they present one of the Slovenian popular folk ensembles. Ensembles play live in the studio and talk to TV host about their music and influences.

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Designing new IDs for TV broadcaster – Golica TV

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The concept for the design was to use modern, vivid and appealing colors and elements. We decided that we don’t want to change current logo, but rather use a fresh and colorfull approach with motion graphics.

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Production shooting with Red One camera

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We shot green screen chroma key and 16bit color depth recording with REDCODE RAW format which is a variable bit rate format using Wavelet codec. This codec allows us to store raw sensor data at up to 4,096×2,304 resolution pixels, saving us a lot of trouble in the post production. Recording raw data allowed us to tweak white balance, gamma and other picture processing setting like color temperature during post production. And because of this raw format the we had more freedom with high tuning final image look. Removing and replacing green screen with custom background was piece of cake.

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The showreel – Compact into 60 seconds

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We are proud to present to you our new showreel. A compacted preview of our recent work including well know brands like: Pejo Trading, Lionstar, Via-sat, Partypoker, Spar, Cocacola, Hawaiian tropic and many others.

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Hypo Group Alpe Adria project

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Hypo Group Alpe Adria is an international financial group with over 370 banking and leasing business units in 12 countries (Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Germany, Hungary, Bulgarian, Macedonia and Ukraine).

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Fructal bottles packshots

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Fructal Natura is a fruit, vegetable and fruit-vegetable natural juices, which have 100% fruit, vegetable or vegetable-fruit content and contain no additives. They have no added sugar and contain only naturally sugars, present in vegetables or in fruits itself.

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