Production shooting with Red One camera

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We shot green screen chroma key and 16bit color depth recording with REDCODE RAW format which is a variable bit rate format using Wavelet codec. This codec allows us to store raw sensor data at up to 4,096×2,304 resolution pixels, saving us a lot of trouble in the post production. Recording raw data allowed us to tweak white balance, gamma and other picture processing setting like color temperature during post production. And because of this raw format the we had more freedom with high tuning final image look. Removing and replacing green screen with custom background was piece of cake.

Why green?

Chroma keying is a method for joining two images together in which a small green color range from one picture is removed, uncovering another picture behind it. The use of green in production is that the green is furthest away from skin tone colors, it’s easier to illuminate and it’s are more sensitive to digital cameras because of RGB sensor chipsets.


Background tracking

The red crosses used in the back plate helped us to track background position in post production. That way we had information of the camera point of view even if the camera moved, tracked or dollied.

Shallow DOF with prime lenses

The only problem we had was using prime lenses with shallow DOF (depth of field) which blurred crosses in the back and was not clear anymore. The workaround for that problem was to move camera, girls and background closer together and with closing camera iris.

Removing tracking points

Trackers was manually removed using masks and with keying them out in after effects.

Green Screen Trackers


Final Composition