Reality show – Gospodinje Pojejo

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In these modern times, we are faced with a flood of reality shows. Society, showing by the media, is increasingly complex, so does the need to find a clear picture, clear answers and reality is what viewers are missing.

Therefore, QuArt Studio had to deal with the difficult task. We created identity graphics and advertising campaign for new reality TV show called Gospodinje Pojejo (Housewives Singing), were can housewives of all ages show their singing skills.

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The evolution of 3D

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3D animation has been in movies and computer games since the 1970s. The initial techniques were simplistic and were only featured for certain aspects such as the space back grounds and special effects in “Star Wars”. Since the graphics used in 3D animation are computer generated the technology followed the advances in computer software. After the release of the Apple Macintosh personal computer, programs such as 3D Studio Max made it even easier to put motion graphics into films and computer games. As the 1980s progressed, computer generated graphics and animations became a staple in most commercial media.

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Building Eco-friendly 3d scene

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So whether you want to cool down Mother Earth, recycle plastic products or save drinking water, we are here to do it with you. Manufacturers and the world’s best designers are working together and producing healthy, stylish and carbon dioxide free products.

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3d Music Box animated intro breakdown – Golica v živo

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The animation was prepared for the weekly TV show Golica v Živo, taking place live in the studio of Golica TV and in which they present one of the Slovenian popular folk ensembles. Ensembles play live in the studio and talk to TV host about their music and influences.

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Hypo Group Alpe Adria project

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Hypo Group Alpe Adria is an international financial group with over 370 banking and leasing business units in 12 countries (Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Germany, Hungary, Bulgarian, Macedonia and Ukraine).

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